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Stuff for sale.

I have a bunch of random stuff for sale, so much clutter in my room i just gotta get rid of some stuff. beginner fursuit head scraps. 10 dollarsFursuit head thing on winter mask. 10 Dollars +shipping Fuax fur, also pictured above. probably enough to make elbow length paws and a tail. i can measure it if you are interested. would be great for a scrappy dog mutt. Make offer. Horse bag, fairly large (over a foot long at the bottom) more pictures and info at request. In perfect condition. 20 dollars plus shipping. beginner made fursuit head (incomplete)  this would be great for rebuilding. has a plastic mesh base and foam form. one clay tooth and a tongue. vision through the the tear duct is limited. head is large (could remove the fur and shave foam down.)  i am asking 45$ for this bc i put a lot of time into it and it could be salvaged and save you some time. if you buy this and would like more of the fur used on this head i will include the fur pictured above for 5$ more. More photos upon request Wall hanging Dragon. one of those that looks like its going into the wall. i bought this 3 years ago and just never got around to hanging it. it has stayed in its original box but has managed to acquire some minor damage. there are a few nicks in it that have been disguised with sharpie but this is in very good shape otherwise. more photos upon request. I bought this for 50 originaly. i am asking 40 for it plus shipping Old bridle and Girth. These can not be used for riding, the leather will break and the bridle is.. backwards or something. either way these would be great for display in a rustic home, used for crafts or something. id hate to see them cut up though. im asking 15 for each  Medium sized coat. fur trim goes all down the from opening. nice floral design. more photos upon request, i dont have anyone to model it yet. i ask only 10 dollars for this though its worth more. All items come from a smoke free environment. contact me at DobermannSYNDeimos at hotmail dot com OR DobermannSYNDeimos.deviantart.com

wow i never post o.o

i usually use my lj only for the communities and i think i should start posting in my journal a bit :)
i know i have a few ppl that have added me. i should add them too.

anyway i was wondering if any of you guys had MSN? i dont talk much to ppl on my list anymore :(
anyone interested?

id like someone to do some art trades with maybe put our characters together in a drawing/comic/ or story. i used to have this little tightnit group of friends online but that has since diminished and im looking for some new friends :)

DobermannSYNDeimos is my msn add me and send me a message if your interested. but only if you actually want to talk and not just add me and then we never speak again i hate that.  

thats all the important stuff. now heres some crap about me you dont have to read XD

im 16 F  Dogo Argentino (mastiff/pit type dog)

i do agility with my dog Kenzie (thats her in the icon) and i ride horses.  i live in oklahoma (boring) i like the anime Death Note but i dont watch any others. ive never been to a con b4 but i may go to oklacon someday. ive toyed around with making fursuits but i would really like to make a quad or something that makes the wearer look completly not human (if that made sense) i have a bf ive been with for a long time hes not a fur and knows little of my furryness :P  the fursona i draw him as is a red wolf with sunglasses but i think a cougar or a bear would suit him as well.

this is my dA account http://dobermannsyndeimos.deviantart.com/

well thats enough typing for now. :) thanks for reading

Prom and a Big contest!

(posted from my dA)

im going to prom with my mate tommorrow! im excited :) and nervous a bit o.o

my dress is hot pink XD surprising eh? ill show pics when i get them.

you know the coolest part? its at the aquarium!!! that is soooo cool!!! i love fish and i Love aquariums itll be so great! the jenks aquarium in oklahoma if anyone was wondering. :) im so happy i get to have my prom at an aquarium thats so cool yay lol

also im going to have a contest!


draw an interpretation of these songs.

H- tool

Strawberry Gashes- Jack Off Jill

Sanctified- Nine inch nails

you may place an entry for each song. there will be a prize for each song and an overall prize!! you may place as many entries as you want. just interpret the song! using any of my chars including my fursona Syn


Overall Prize- one char full color w/ bg (shaded and all)

Prize for 1st place of each song- one char partial bg fully colored.

2nd place for each song- full color badge. ive never uploaded a badge by me but they are watercolor/marker/colored pencil (yes all three) done on watercolor paper. i can also make parts of them glow in the dark with my glowy magic (usually make glowy eyes :) )

thats 7 prizes in all!!! ill be lucky to get that many to enter XDD so spread the word i guess.

i will not do the contest unless i get at least 15 entries!!

comment here to join. :)

DEADLINE- June 20th (contests that last too long get forgotten about -_-)


(copy/pasted from my myspace)

hey guys.

im in need of some money so im opening up commissions again! yay!

heres my pricelist (its flexable just ask me about it if ya want something)

-these are fully colored and shaded but they are small. they will be done on a 3 by 5 notecard or peice of cardstock in either colored pencil or marker.

Avatars- 5$
200/200 pixels (or bigger depending on detail) done on photoshop and scaled down for you to use on sites like Deviant Art, Live Journal (anywhere you can have an avatar) ill email you the original file along with a 100/100 and 50/50 copy.

for these i charge a minimum of 5$

sketch on 8 1/2 by 11 (standard size paper)

lineart on standard paper (drawn and inked)
no background- 7$
with background- 10$

full color on standard paper (colored pencil unless otherwise specified)
no background- 10$
partial background- 15$
full background- 20$

send me a message and we can discuss your commission.

payment? send cash via mail and i will send the art. you dont pay until ive completed your commission but you dont get it til you pay.

(cant afford to get ripped off)

if you want examples of what youll get just ask. and i work harder on commissions than i do on personal work, i dont halfass it.

(i mostly draw quad but i can do anthro too)

thanks :)

Furries on tv today

i dont remember what the show was called. but its about a news station and some guy went to anthrocon. he made mean sarcastic remarks about the fursuiters and later after that he was going to his van and they all cornerd him and threatend him. lol it was really funny but it gave a bad impression of furs. my dad didnt know what they were and i explaind that that was the kind of masks i had been making. he thought it was weird o.o lol (the suits on the show were AWFUL too!) any way. furries have been on tv shows recently a lot more. o.o i dont think thats good, ppl are gonna start flaming them more than they do already. 

MSN Buddies?

Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone with MSN wanted to chat? i would like some fursuiting/furry friends to talk with. im making a partial of my own and itd be nice to have some ppl to talk to for advice about that or just to talk furry stuff with. i hope its ok to post this here :(

i may as well say this too.
This will be my second head but first to really try on. the first was an experiment and i learned alot from it.

Im going to use the balaclava technique with 3d eyes made from christmas bulbs (if i could afford it id use glass halfspheres used for taxedermy) will have moving jaw and i want to make the ears posable so i think they will be a combonation of foam and wire. sculpey for the teeth and maybe for the tongue and nose. but i will probably make the tongue and nose out of styrfoam.

Thanks everyone. message me if you want my msn



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