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wow i never post o.o

i usually use my lj only for the communities and i think i should start posting in my journal a bit :)
i know i have a few ppl that have added me. i should add them too.

anyway i was wondering if any of you guys had MSN? i dont talk much to ppl on my list anymore :(
anyone interested?

id like someone to do some art trades with maybe put our characters together in a drawing/comic/ or story. i used to have this little tightnit group of friends online but that has since diminished and im looking for some new friends :)

DobermannSYNDeimos is my msn add me and send me a message if your interested. but only if you actually want to talk and not just add me and then we never speak again i hate that.  

thats all the important stuff. now heres some crap about me you dont have to read XD

im 16 F  Dogo Argentino (mastiff/pit type dog)

i do agility with my dog Kenzie (thats her in the icon) and i ride horses.  i live in oklahoma (boring) i like the anime Death Note but i dont watch any others. ive never been to a con b4 but i may go to oklacon someday. ive toyed around with making fursuits but i would really like to make a quad or something that makes the wearer look completly not human (if that made sense) i have a bf ive been with for a long time hes not a fur and knows little of my furryness :P  the fursona i draw him as is a red wolf with sunglasses but i think a cougar or a bear would suit him as well.

this is my dA account http://dobermannsyndeimos.deviantart.com/

well thats enough typing for now. :) thanks for reading



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